How to start… Hmmm… What’s up with that name?

Riding my horse through the arena, thinking about everything i’ve done with him, and other horses. I thought about it all. Well, it’s not a lot to be honest. I’m no Anky, Pat, Edward or Carl. I’m not even a proffesional. I’m just a girl who has been “horse-mad” for about 3/4 of my life. Maybe more, but I don’t remember that much from when I was 8 😉

But i’ve had a lot of things happen eventhough i’m just a human with horses, not a horse-human (dutch saying 😉 , don’t ask). So maybe I’ll blog about it. And if nobody reads about it? Hey, then I won’t have to worry about my spelling 😉 

But, what’s up with that name? Well, I’ll explain all about that in my next post.